Running around, today

It's Australia day, so the entire family is gathering in Scenic Coominya for the traditional burned offerings.

I didn't get anything done on my side-projects yesterday because my writing absorbed my personal energy (and that's okay). Plus the big plan of the evening was to visit Carl's Jr to try their carboriffic fare for my first feast day in a fortnight.

Burgers: delicious, juicy, and prone to fallout both liquid and solid.

Chips: less like a salt lick and more like a cronchy potato chunk.

Milkshakes: completely lacking in slime, which is a definite step up on a scale of halfway up Kosciuszko from the regular stuff from Maccas or Jackas.

Ice cream sammich.... eeeeeehhhh. I was promised some hard serve in between some choc-chip bikkies. I got some really melty soft serve in between two slabs of sugar masquerading as bikkies.

USA - what the fuck? Your bikkies are like sugar, butter, and choc chips. If there's a spoon of flour in there, it's crying because it's alone. Those things were practically dollops of baked caramel.

Not doing that twice.

That was the grossest experience of the last decade, and I've found mummified mouse corpses in old compy towers. Yeah. That gross.

Anyway, long story short, I'm rattling around the country like the Leylands today and there might not be a TAZ flash fanfiction. I'll do my best, but there's no guarantee I won't be at lo batt by the time I get home. I may swing a twofer tomorrow. We'll see how it plays out.