Challenge #01956-E132: Impressive, But...

"Hmm... I'm impressed."

"I/We thought you'd like it."

"I said I was impressed, not that I like it." -- TheDragonsFlame

There are certain things that were just... impressive. A cellar full of drunk middle-schoolers chanting Fuck da police whilst a policeman is present. Singing, This is me giving a shit, in front of a man who has the power of life and death over you after he has just attempted to insult you. Staging a resistance against a superior force, alone, with nothing but a horse and an ancient sword.

Impressive does not always mean good. Especially in this case, with the three beaming Humans and the captive leader of the Hol'draxi.

The Humans were what one might call heavily scuffed if one didn't know the details of this particular escapade. One that somehow involved three Ship's Humans, each from separate ships, finding each other in the chaos of war and then getting a brilliant idea. Which is worse than it sounds when it's a janitor, a mess chef, and a morale officer doing the thing.

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