Challenge #01945-E121: Caveat Emptor

"Marry in haste, repent at leisure," or what happens when the icing is off the gingerbread. -- Anon Guest

Tyn could not understand why Thel had gone through so many spouses. Thel was the dreamiest star of romance and song in the entire world, and Tyn counted hirself lucky to share a minute with the famous and wonderful Thel, and now ze was sharing hir life with them. It was the life of Tyn's dreams.

Red carpet. Glitz. Glamour. The intense and burning jealousy of her friends and age-mates. And of course an entourage. And a security team to protect hir from angry fans who thought that killing hir was going to clear their path to this rarified position. Like killing anyone's spouse would make that person love you. Tyn remembered being that demented, once. Before ze thought things through.

It was a year of fun and bright lights. Fashion and fame. Attention and adoration from the entire world. And then the entertainments showed how Thel had been carrying on with more than one of their co-stars. And more than one of their fans. Tyn sighed and remembered that that was how ze had gained the exalted position of Thel's fifteenth wife.

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