Challenge #01943-E119: It's a Living

Having the tact and sensitivity of a kick in the ass can be considered a disadvantage in nearly any circumstance, mostly when dealing with superior or ambassador. But from time to time it allows you to unfreeze some situation. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, delicacy and care are needed in a given situation. Sometimes, people need a swift kick in the butt. For the former, there is the entourage. Which contains all the people who know tact and negotiation, and how to 'handle' the person in charge so that the eventual blast zone is reduced or even eliminated. For the latter, there's people like Kevin.

He's not in the entourage. Not precisely. His official position is something like a waiter or, more accurately, plongeur. Someone who's official task is to take in the main dishes, take out the soiled object, take up the discarded things, and definitely take the blame. Unofficially, Kevins job is to look over the plans or paperwork, or task at hand and say things like, "Why does that thing even need that lever?" Or, "What do they want with that planet in the first place."

In other words, to call into realisation the thing that makes everyone in the room want to kick him out of the airlock in sheer frustration. And sometimes, Kevin can say the things that nobody else is allowed to say. Such as when he told the Gropnoothian Ambassador the Unvarnished Truth.

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