Challenge #01931-E107: What Does it See?

...I gazed into the sun. You would not see it unless you were looking, but it was there. There was a pupil, an iris, cornea... Then... the sun... blinked. -- Anon Guest

It took less than a second. Just like any blink you or I may know. Nobody else saw it because you just don't look at the sun unless you want to risk going blind. Plus this is the sort of thing that you could literally blink and miss.

There had to be a way to prove that it happened. Cameras won't work. They have something to make the sun look... sun-ish. And once you have a pinhole camera obscura, something happens to make the sun look like a sun and not an eye. I don't know what do do about it, to be honest.

You can't just tell people that the sun is actually a giant eyeball without expecting to be locked up. You could probably start a religion based on the idea that the sun is God's eyeball and maybe get away with it... but that sort of horseshit always ends up with kool-aid or psychotic followers poisoning a town to get their way in elections or something. Do not want to go there. Neither do I really wish to find like-minded weirdoes who may or may not have seen the sun... blink.

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