Challenge #01919-E095: I Welcome Our Automated Overlords

At last robots replace politicians and things get done, sort of. think of the pro/anti same sex marriage bill here in the wonderful land of Aus. -- Anon Guest

Everything is getting automated. Everything. There's a company of machines that are churning out placeholder, formulaic potboilers with mad lib plots. Humanity now finally values the creative spirit, because it is about the only thing that cannot be replicated by procedural machines. But even then, the machines are learning.

And, in an effort to take corruption out of politics, science has created automated politicians. Of course, the living ones attempted to pull every stunt they could to attempt to get rid of them. A few small counties elected machines, because few were interested in running podunk small counties. The political race came to that which was the most effective economic theory for the residents.

With this small-case data, the machines learned. They got better at their assigned task. Bit by bit, little by little, people realised that the machines were better at listening to what the majority wanted. Applying and even creating economic theory. Electronic politicians worked for less, didn't have living expenses, never got involved in sex scandals, never took bribes, and could be relied upon to maintain their projections.

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