Challenge #01889-E065: No Cause For Alarm, My Dear

Pax Humanis has an interesting work force, a lot of killers and a few who hold their leashes. -- Anon Guest

There is a world where only specialists go. There are lots of forests. Lots of lakes. Plenty of reefs. It is a paradise. It is also where they keep the psychopathic, sociopathic killers. There is one city, where the analysts and the scientists live. The scattered and vast estates are for the killing killers and the people who they, for want of a better term, love.

They're called Keepers. There's not one for ever killer. Some of the killers are regulated by professionals, since they don't form bonds with many. Keepers are the exception in the bloodlust that runs your average killer human. The killer will not harm them. The killer will protect them. Much like a wolf-dog would guard the children of their owner[1].

And, much like living with a wolf-dog, living with a psychopathic, sociopathic killer has its detriments. As the one that Allin called Bunny would testify.

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