Challenge #01807-D346: For the Future

Political hot air. the Other candidate is always the worse thing that could happen. Unless of course they win your vote. Same Old, Same Old. Then someone manages to prove that Political Promises are actually an enforceable contract. -- Anon Guest

They say that a child's wish is the most powerful thing in the world. And it can be. In the mouth of the right child. But circumstances have to be very, very specific.

Seth was the adopted child of aggressively pro-life political candidate James "Honest Jack" Jackson. He had gone from rags to riches and was the face of reformation of the youth. He was the apple of Honest Jack's eye, and the poster child for "Give a Better Life This Christmas."

And the wish was, "I wish the rest of your pals in the Senate told the truth about what they were gonna do."

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