A Change of PLN

I love using Sir Terry Pratchett's feegle word 'pln' for a plan that is not... the best-cemented plan on the old drawing board.

Today's pln was to go and fetch Chaos back from her stay with Capt S. Bring along KIABIL to fix some shit, eat a lunch and finally go home.


Today's pln is now tomorrows pln and I get abandoned to my own devices [fanfic] whilst Beloved and KIABIL go to Capt S, fix some shit, eat a lunch, and fetch Chaos back from her holiday.

Today's pln involves me writing an Instant before noon [turn off the Shiny Elf Feed via Tumblr] and then do some Yuletide shopping. Laying in supplies for the feast and so forth.

Non-perishable ones. Doy. Last minute stuff like cream, meat and veg will have to wait for the day or two before the Big Day. And for that time, I should have Friendo up to help intimidate the folks in our way.

And, of course, to teach the cheap/easy aspects of Keto to.

For that exercise, I'll be doing all my shopping at the local IGA, which should simulate the limits of Friendo's local shopping emporia.

That's a plan with an A in it. I always end up cooking for twice my household anyway, so this shall be no big of a deal.

It's almost eleven. Now I have even LESS time to do my Instant. Wish me luck.