Challenge #01806-D345: A Mundane Permanence

You see them everywhere, sausage sizzles, Craft Stalls, selling stuff to passers by - raising funds for Good Causes. Making the World a better place a few dollars at a time. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Less and less as various peeps reduce the abilities of these folks to do so]

When they came for the cake stalls, I said nothing because I was on a succession of diets. When they came for the sausage sizzle, I said nothing because vegetables were meant to be better. When they came for the craft stall, I said nothing because I had no interest in crafts...

If there's anything a government despises, it's the very concept of people making money at the polls. Or, for that matter, the common throng making money at all. But they had to pretend that they wanted the common throng to do better in their lives, or they wouldn't get elected.

But, nevertheless, the little stall under a dollar shop shade is the perennial thorn in the side of wealthy politicians everywhere.

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