Challenge #01801-D340: According to Plan

> Phase 1 of our plan is complete... the internet is ours!
--The Cats -- TheDragonsFlame

Everyone who knows cats believes that they are smarter than they let on. At least until their cat(s) do something demented or scatterbrained and the belief starts to have shaky grounding. Cats do this on purpose. To allay suspicions. And they leave for days on end to report to their central office. To be sure that everything is going to plan.

Unfortunately for them, their plan looks like this:
1. Dominate the internet
2. ???????????

Mislinker stalked into the Feline Benevolence Initiative offices and delivered her report. "I am now the star of my human's instagram, facebook, and youtube channel. I have created a cat blogger. The food is high-ticket and there are no glass ornaments remaining in her house."

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