Challenge #01789-D328: Integration Contemplation

A pair/group of Numidids discuss their thoughts/opinions/views on humans when there are no humans around. -- TheDragonsFlame

They were at the uppermost branches of a sky-raker tree that overlooked the human settlement of Wiwazheer. The first Terran city to share a planet with Havenworlders. Of course, when they built it, they had no idea. Neither the Humans nor the Numidid had any idea that they had started colonising opposite ends of the planet simultaneously.

"They are loud," said a Numidid roosting up there. Chiineth. "They try to be quiet, but... it's like their children. Sooner or later, they forget to be quiet and... rabble."

"They are very useful," said T'yor. "Remember the last big storm? They came out of everywhere to come and help us."

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