Challenge #01779-D318: Pack Bonding in all the Wrong Places

Despite the fact that the Numidids are… well, fictional, I have quite a fondness for the little guys. It’s funny how our ‘pack-bonding instinct’ can go pretty much anywhere. -- TheDragonsFlame

There was a shrine set up in the Avenue of Remembrance. For a fictional character. Fanart adorned it, and no two agreed on what the character looked like. The little altar also spilled over with flowers, soft toys, and votary candles. Someone hung a banner that read, Always an asshole. Forever missed.

Shayde was leaving a bottle of alcohol. And a single, long-stem red rose.

"I do not understand this outpouring of mourning for a person who isn't even real," Rael said, and had to ignore the dozens of hairy eyeballs that swung around for the surrounding humans to glare at him with.

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