Challenge #01754-D293: Caught!

"I can explain! I swear!"

"Let's hear it."

"Aw hell. Just skip to the beating." -- Anon Guest

It was one of those situations. Stealth mission. Retrieve the Macguffin of Wherever, and do so in such a way that there are minimum fireworks, thank you, Taako. Taako automatically gave Madam Director his usual forged picture of innocence and Who Sweet Little Me routine.

She wasn't fooled for an instant. Neither was the boy. Angus McDonald, world's greatest boy detective.

And now, several failed dexterity throws later, it was a Scene. They had collectively set off every trap in the mansion. Most of which involved splashes of technicolour potions against the wall. Twenty dogs were trailing after Taako like loving little ducklings and they all wanted to lick him in the face. Several noisy and expensive things had shattered on the ground, and they had knocked down the library shelves like dominos. And, unfortunately, into a fireplace, so now the entire mansion was on fire.

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