Reasons to cry, reasons to cheer

Reason to cry: I tried to start up my compy this morning and... there was a heart-stopping half-hour in which it would not activate.

Reason to cheer: I wrote and finished a TAZ:BA fic and I already made someone want to cry. Go me.

But the good news is that I got my compy going again.

The even better news is that, at a pinch, I was able to scratch up a grand total of $2766.95, including the change in my pockets and in the kitty.

Just $233.05 away from the full $3K I need to get the ball rolling on a new or refurbished compy.

Which isn't all that much, actually.

But then I remember that about $600 of that is the emergency fund, and the actual goal to fill is closer to $800 and change.

So of course I have to do the Self-Shill Sunday, and the Instant Story to try and raise that good dosh.

Which means not browsing the Taako tag on Tumblr and focussing on my own noise.