Challenge #01733-D272: Betrayed

...Deciding to shelve that until my next scheduled freak out, I... -- RecklessPrudence

Sometimes, there's no help. You just have to deal with whatever until it's dealt with or the help finally gets there and you can let other people deal with the thing. I long for those days.

My name is Yani. And this is my second year alone. I'm getting ping from the comms networks, so I know these are going out. As is the automated distress signal. Why anyone hasn't come... I don't know. I have my suspicions, but... I'm not receiving anything other than a ping. I can't say anything for certain.

What I know is: I crashed. By the time I came to on this little island, something had happened to blacken the sky. Every day is overcast, now. And I can't repair my plane. It's a write off. I know that I'm not worth much to my Great Nation. I've been sending out the signal for... for too long. No sign of rescue. I know the war is still going because... there was never a time of peace. And I know I used to have two options: Army or Jail.

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