2 days to my birthday

Turning 45. Ageing disgracefully. I may yet be a senile delinquent, time will tell.

What I'd really love from my dear followers is FANART. I'm not allowed to read any fanfictions I might have sparked. Unless it's a fic inspired by one of my other fanfics, in which case, that's cool. So if you have an artistic side and a load of spare time, go for it, post that mofo, and firkin tag me so I can ogle that beauty at my leisure.

If you have the money, I'd also like more Patrons so I can have nice things. Like... a computer that works.

The plan is to save the majority of my carb feast for the weekend, but my actual birthday will have a dinner at the Sushi Metro in Morayfield. And likely cake for afters, because what's a birthday without Unsuitable Food until you feel gross.

Today, though, the instant I'm done with this blog and my saline dose on Max, I am headed up to the shops so that the kids can get me a B-Day prezzie or five.

And I'll be getting Beloved's present for me on the same day. And, because JB's is allegedly open, today, that's where we'll be spending it.

Story coming whenever.