Challenge #01719-D258: Near Lethal Combination

Finally, almost thirty-five minutes into their wait and seventeen minutes into [Responsible Authority Figure]'s scolding ([RAF's best friend, Shit-Stirrer] kept track; the record was thirty-four minutes, twenty-seven seconds, which [Shit-Stirrer] was ashamed to admit was on account of [much-less-responsible person RAF is mentoring in the ways of fighting both physical and magical, often compared to an excitable puppy] and masochistically determined to beat)... -- RecklessPrudence

If enthusiasm was light, Paxifraxx would be a pulsar. Deadly when aimed in the right direction, and possibly also a little bit dim. Hir species was new to the Galactic Alliance and determined to catch up on everything that Society had to offer.

Trailing along on a series of exchange programs, Paxifraxx threw hir whole self into everything ze did. And this month, it was Security. "Why is Ambassador busking? Planet poor?"

Officer Lyr Marken looked. Oh crap. "That's Shayde. She does that for fun. Do yourself a favour and stay away from her." Of course, warnings like that were casually ignored so that Paxifraxx could ask the cogniscent in question why ze was warned about them. D'oh! Lyr sighed and sent a warning ping to Sherlock. She would hear all about this later. Possibly at a court-martial.

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