Slow Progress and Updatey Promises

It's cleaning day, so that means that anything I post will likely be posted in the afternoon.

I will be attempting to post a progress speedpaint of the cover-so-far for Beauties and the Beastly. That's going to be... "fun".

Also in the "fun" pile is unriddling what the flip is wrong with the latest animated shot for SESP. I might have to brute force that mofo or something. That's probably not happening until tomorrow.

Also, all art is slowed because my time window is the early morning before my Beloved wakes up, and lasts until I get sore body parts. I'm alternating between the cover and SESP. Let me tell you. Victorian-era fashion is just firkin extra.

MeMum criticised my Bitzer cosplay for being too ornate, and I can tell you for realsies that Bitzer's dress is plain as. At least, it's as plain as in comparison to some of those extra dang dresses I'm drawing. Yeesh.

These things have:

  • Layers of frilly bits
  • Front panels with frogging and braid
  • Fucking bustles
  • That also have frilly bits
  • And all sorts of folds and shit
  • And bows everywhere you could stick a fucking bow

Oh yeah. And 17-inch damn waists.

It's tomorrow morning that I attempt to pile all this noise on top of a human body with normal proportions.



If I had spare money, I'd pay someone else to do this, but... saving for the potential new compy.

Soon as I sign off here, I'm making a money-and-food run. I need both. Fingers crossed, I get to save some, this week.