Challenge #01695-D234: Unlikely Survival Tactics

[Person #1]: Stop asking hard questions.

[Person #2]: Buddy, if I could stop thinking 'em, I'd stop asking 'em. -- RecklessPrudence

It's very clear that humans are gather-hunters whenever an isolating emergency occurs. Their first instinct is to gather everything they can and use that as a basis for what they do next. Often, this can be displacement activity in situations where the best course of action is to wait for the ERT to come to the rescue.

But there are other times when such activity is useful, indeed.

Tzorbak woke to pain, and wisely decided not to move. Ze was propped up against soft things in recovery position. This meant that someone was alive and able and had cared for hir during hir period of unconsciousness. Tzorbak looked. All injuries were patched, but at a basic training level.

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