Challenge #01660-D199: Explosive Egress

[Scientist #1]: Where'd you get plastic explosives?

[Scientist #2]: Made it.

[#1]: It'll work?

[#2]: See, you don't worry if explosives work. You worry if they'll work too much. -- RecklessPrudence

V'tez considered their options. The downside of this situation was that they were trapped by a meteor impact and all methods of communication were cut off. There was only so much air, even in their livesuits. The odds of the ERT's finding them in time were remote.

And V'tez was working with Human Rik, the only staff-member crazed enough to work with volatile chemicals. Come to think of it, making explosives was probably a relaxing break from Interestingly Dangerous Rocket Fuel[1]. At least plastic explosive was stable until set off with a charge. In fact... making things explode on cue was more or less Human Rik's area of expertise.

"I would be more concerned with it not working," confessed V'tez, "but this is you we are talking about. Can you be certain it works as expected?"

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