Challenge #01632-D171: Magical Memories

Smells, scents, can trigger memories. The hot tar smell of a Summer road combined with the distinctive scent of an Ice Cream Van. Opening a drawer and the scent your Grandmother always wore wafting up. Memories. -- Anon Guest

Humans can trigger their memories with an astonishing amount of things. Words, sensations in their pliable skin, sounds... and smells. They are so entangled into their senses that they have adapted their livesuits to give them sensory feedback from their surrounding environment.

Radiation translates into a particular form of static. Toxins become unpleasant odours. Ominous rumbling comes from approaching astral bodies. Some livesuits even give sensory translations from the surface they walk on or grip. The result has only improved the humans' almost unnatural perception of the area around them.

"Wow," said the Kapraxx's human as they enacted EVA repairs. "This nebula smells exactly like my Gramgram's cookies."

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