Challenge #01570-D109: The Fall of the Hespruss

After two repetitions of a standard hazard announcement ("Warning: Shields Critical", or "Cabin Pressure Dropping", or "Warning: Heat Levels Critical", something like that) - something dangerous in meaning but pronounced in a calming voice and almost mundane, the ship says this:

Warning: Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here. -- RecklessPrudence

Alarms and klaxons filled the air with their noise. If it wasn't beeping or flashing, it was already broken. The computer struggled to keep up with the warnings.

"Warning: Lateral stabilisers offline. Warning: Engine temperatures beyond tolerance levels. Warning: Hull breach detected in levels one through seventeen. Warning: Engine failure imminent. Warning: Internal pressure dropping. Warning: Internal temperature controls are failing. Warning: Emergency warning system overloaded..."

The klaxons turned off. The alarms silenced. The automated warning voice glitched a few "war"s before it, too, fell silent. The crew, already in their emergency livesuits, slowed to a stop. Many were holding their breath.

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