Challenge #01494-D033: Intervention!

"A superhero chases a villain into a dark warehouse, only to have the doors close behind them. When the lights come on, the hero is surrounded by the full rogues gallery of supervillains. But this isn’t an ambush… It’s an intervention."

(ever see megamind?) -- Gallifreya

The lights came on, and Mighty Man expected a gigantic, hero-defeating trap to be revealed. No such thing. There were comfy chairs. And a throw rug. And a buffet table.

And everyone he had ever fought. Unarmed. Unthreatening. The Gram'ma Nazi had a pot of tea, and was doing nothing more threatening than pouring some. For herself.

"Mighty Man," said Mayor Threat, "This is an intervention. We know you're probably wondering why we banded together and if anything we have here is booby-trapped. And... well... we can't convince you it isn't."

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