One Little Hiccough

[AN: Evidently I forgot to publish this yesterday -_- ]

Tomorrow promises to be a very big day. I'm hauling arse down to MeMum's to talk diet science with her doctor. Make certain everything is cleared up.

In order to do that, I'm writing tomorrow's Instant... today.

All the better for me to take off as early as possible, so I can get to MeMum's earlier, so I have a standing chance of getting to her doctor, etc. etc.

And of course I'll be taking Beauties and the Beastly with me so I can get my five hundred words in. Waiting rooms are great for creativity.

Beloved will be staying at home to be there for the little darlings. Just in case I get snarled up in traffic or educating people about the many ways that the Industries are not-so-subtly trying to kill us. Or at least, make us need more medication for longer.

The sicker we are, the more money they make out of it. And there's loads of "progressive" diseases that can be reversed once you know how.

It's just that the knowhow flies in the face of everything "everyone" knows, and then flips it the bird. Resistance... is more than expected.

Beloved's own mum deviated away from our best knowledge because of availability issues. Sometimes, even the knowhow can't help if the availability isn't there. Of course, if Mum-in-law didn't live in Tullagawoopwoop, things would be easier.

Of course, she wasn't willing to do lots of the things we see no harm in. Like... eating the cheapest, fattiest mince one can get a hold of. I quote, "The cats won't even eat it." As if a cat has an adequate grasp of human nutrition. You don't see cats tucking into broccoli, do you?

Yeah. That ain't happening.

But the "good" news is that Mum-in-law has found and all new diet [from yet another fraudster] that promises to eliminate her diabetes and make everything all okay. I bet it includes an "oatmeal day" or other carb-age.

You just can't help some people, I guess. But I'm really hoping I can help MeMum.