Challenge #01340-C245: The Coming Apocollapse

Want to see more of your Minor Horsepersons of the Apocollapse (No that isn't a typo). Namely Absentmindedness, Clumsiness, Distraction, and Mislaying ride out. -- Anon Guest.

[AN: Had to flip some letters around to make a word make sense]

"I know I had it, I had it just five seconds ago..." murmured Mislaying


"...whoops..." Something important shattered into a million pieces. Clumsiness blushed. " fuck... shit... gotta get another one."

Absentmindedness stood in the middle of the room, staring at infinity. "What was I doing? I came in here for a reason..."

There are reasons why there are four more popular horsemen. Famine, Pestilence, War, and Death can be relied upon to appear on time. Sometimes, they appear ahead of time. And nothing gets attention like a punctual anthropomorphic personification.

Meanwhile, the four minor horsepersons of Absentmindedness, Clumsiness, Distraction, and Mislaying have a hard time getting out of their shared domicile. Or remembering where they left their horses.

But when they do hit, they strike hard, unpredictably, and turn a confined area into... an apocollapse. Not an apocalypse, which can be averted with the right heroes. An apocollapse, which is a slow descent whilst simultaneously circling the metaphorical drain.

No hero has yet been born to avert an apocollapse. Best just get your mum.

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