Four Horsemen

A 4-post collection

Challenge #02022-E198: May They Pass You By

Can we have some more adventures with the "minor horsemen of the Apocollapse". Namely Panic, Screaming, Chaos and Flailing. -- Knitnan

There's many minor horsepersons of the Apocollapse. And seemingly infinite combinations of just four of them. Some of them can even get their collective shit together enough to ride. But then again, they never really ride anywhere big.

"We're going to be LATE!" Panic shrieked.

Screaming was running around their shared flat making a loud noise. That was what Screaming did when he didn't have any words to use.

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Challenge #01812-D351: GNU Terry Pratchett

The four lesser horsemen of Panic, Bewilderment, Ignorance and Shouting took control of the room. -- Knitnan

There's a reason why lesser horsemen are lesser horsemen. They can't help but be what they are. Panic is a whirlwind of anxiety. Bewilderment can't find their own arse with an atlas. Ignorance says all the things your racist in-law does that just make you want to burn and die from the shame. Shouting is almost a relief, because all they are is LOUD.


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Challenge #01362-C267: Apocollapse Now

All the signs were there, amongst the storm and fire-streaked sky appeared The Four Horsemen, War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death stood ready, then one of them said, "Oh Shit! It's Them!" Enter the Other four horsepersons, those of the Apocollapse (hope I've spelt it right),and proceed to avert the Apocalypse, by infecting the big four. -- Knitnan

[AN: No you didn't, but I fixed it.]

You know the drill. Seas boiling and turning to blood. Fire in the sky. The Kraken

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Challenge #01340-C245: The Coming Apocollapse

Want to see more of your Minor Horsepersons of the Apocollapse (No that isn't a typo). Namely Absentmindedness, Clumsiness, Distraction, and Mislaying ride out. -- Anon Guest.

[AN: Had to flip some letters around to make a word make sense]

"I know I had it, I had it just five seconds ago..." murmured Mislaying


"...whoops..." Something important shattered into a million pieces. Clumsiness blushed. " fuck... shit... gotta get another one.

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