Challenge #01121-C024: Humans Are Space Orcs

A couple of case studies that had managed to be kept away from the general galactic knowledge pool (except under specific licensing and non-disclosure contracts) come to light - the cases of Phineas Gage, James Brady, Ahad Israfil and others that have suffered massive head injuries and made practically full recoveries, despite the loss of large amounts of brain. (And often despite the lack of medical care of the time - Phineas's accident was in the 1820s)

(Warning for Ahad, pictures from before his reconstructive surgery may be disturbing) -- Gallifreya

Before Humans were declared merely insane, the Wikipedia Galactica had this (amongst many other things) to say about humans: Damage to the cerebral cortex may not kill a human. Humans have and will survive severe damage to their central nervous system. Do not attempt to kill human. Where possible, flee for safety upon detecting a human presence.

And now there were models in the Museum of Disturbing Things. Replicas of Phineas Gage's pierced skull. A waxwork bust of Ahad Israfil before his reconstructive surgery. And the X-rays and medical information for James Brady. Including footage of him talking before and after the gunshot that could have killed him.

And helpful, discrete information about the medical treatments available for each patient.

More cogniscents have been carried away from the Phineas Gage exhibit than any other. Primarily because Gage suffered his injuries before the advent of reliable anaesthesia. The best they could do for him at the time was get him drunk. And the surgeons at the time believed in balancing the humours. Which meant that bleeding was cured by more bleeding somewhere else.

It was people like Phineas Gage that made other cogniscents wonder how humans could have possibly survived to achieve space flight.

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