Challenge #01084-B352: One Early Dawn Ceremony Far From His Master's Tower

One more time -- Gallifreya

The demon looked down at the circle around the mage. "Yer kiddin' me, right?" it said. It looked like a human shape, but it was obviously not human. For a start, its skin was as black as coal, and its demonic eyes burned with their own fire.

"Avaunt, foul beast," said Tra'gyk the mage. He held up his binding talisman. "I hath summoned thee with my mighty magic and thou must to do mine bidding!"

The demon sighed. "First, that's a really shitty protection circle. I could crap a better circle than that, pal."


"Second, I'll no' avaunt fer you or anyone. And third..." it plucked off the tattered fabric that looked like it had once been part of a lovely dress. "Can ye at least lend me yer coat? This is lettin' th' breeze in in places I'd rather not talk about, ye ken."

Tra'gyk urgently paged through his borrowed spellbook with the one hand he had free. He had to balance on one leg to provide support for the mystical tome.

The demon stepped out of the summoning circle. Something it should not have been able to do without Tra'gyk's permission. And it helped itself to his pack. Donned his second-best robes while making a face. "Eugh. Yer an over-cologner. Gross. When's the last time ye washed these?"

"By the power of the sun and the moon and the stars, I command thee to do mine bidding. Thou art my demon and by the power of my will, thou hast a chance for grace and salvation on this world. Surrender unto me thy one true name."

"Fook that fer a joke," said the demon. "You can call me Shayde, fer what it's worth. And believe it or not, I've been sent tae help ye. Lesson one. How tae draw a real protective circle." She did a pirouette, dragging one set of toes along the rough earth. The path of it glowed with an eldritch light.

"Y-you never said the words."

Shayde huffed a laugh. "Words are never important. It's the doing that's important. You got a name, buddy?"

"Tra'gyk," said Tra'gyk.

"Aye, we're gonna have tae work on that, too."

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