As Bullwinkle once said...

"This time fer sure."

Finally got to make that appointment for Chaos, which is happening today. I'm finally going to get those dang schoolbooks. I may even see to one of our bills with the money I have left. Which should still leave roughly $100 in the kitty until next Tuesday.

I still have to talk to Beloved about getting that firkin mint plant to MeMum.

But at least I have the ball rolling on Chaos and all her disparate needs.

I am going to spare a few dollars for some simmer sauces. We need flavour. And we're running out of tinned tomatoes.

And I get the feeling that I'll have to wait until the payday after this next one before I can stock up on noms once more.

It's gonna be a fun fortnight.

We'll scrape through. My paranoia with food stores is going to see us through this little thin time. I'm good at making sure we can scrape through.

All we really need is a working refrigerator. And on that note - it may be less expensive than initially expected. We have a dodgy seal at the bottom of our fridge door and that, dear readers, is what's causing it to go wonky on us.

When we get that fixed, at last, I shall get milk again.