Challenge #01002-B270: Suck it, Scheherazade!

As far as I am aware, Australia is the only country in the world that eats every theoretically edible part of its national coat of arms (well, stars and crosses... bikkie form?) Roo (lean red meat, the animal is less harmful to the environment than cattle or sheep), Emu (tastes like chicken - well, kinda gamey chicken), and Wattle (seeds make a sweet flour), all eaten.

Although I guess for some countries that would be quite difficult, since they're cheating with having Unicorns or gryphons or stuff.

Now, since N'oz is a planet-sized Australia, does that carry over? --RecklessPrudence

[AN: This is the story that beats the record for consecutive stories told. Nerny nerny ner ner. Also - why do you think unicorns and gryphons are extinct now?]

The N'Ozzie coat of arms features many plants and animals in decorative flourishes. Its motto: "quod omne bonum edere amicum." In GalStand, "That's all good eating, mate."

The children of N'Oz are all taught how to identify, track, hunt, prepare and cook everything on their planetary coat of arms. Some even go so far as creating haute cuisine out of it. Try the Roo Wellington.

Newcomers to N'Oz are rather startled to learn that their coat of arms is not only edible, but also nutritious and delicious. Some even go so far as to think it slightly sacrilegious.

"Nah, mate," reassures the restaurant staff in question. "We put all that lot up there in the first place as a handy guide. It's on our money and everything. Gotta put it up 'cause it's so valuable. Say yer lost in the back o' beyond. You got water, but yer starvin', right? How you gonna know what's good eatin'? Picture of some ponce on your change? Yeah nah, he's not gonna help ya."

Of course it made a skewed kind of sense. If you were prepared for Human-Think.

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