Challenge #00993-B262: The Path of Love is Rough...

Opposing the previous prompt, someone tries very hard to get a date with a human and ends up scaring them into hiding in a corner/under something, brandishing a defensive broom handle -- Anon Guest

Of all the romantic gambits in Galactic Society, few have ever been more disastrous than a H'nuf'ruffian's attempt to woo an arachnophobe.

Having overloaded on certain sections of Human media, Cogniscent T't'k't decided that it was a brilliant idea to rappel down on hir own silk until hir eyes met Horticultural Technician (Jnr Grade) Mel Tambriel.

Unfortunately for T't'k't, all of hir research had not included a glimpse at Mx Tambriel's public profile. Which included an aversion to spiders.

A violent and illogical aversion to spiders.

Things went from bad to worse when Mx Tambriel screamed at the top of hir lungs and launched hir table at Mx T't'k't. Which included a selection of hot, toxic human nourishments and stimulants.

Mx Tambriel then fled the scene at top speed, causing a panic among other Galactic Citizens. All of whom know that a running human is generally reason enough to evacuate.

The panic, of course, escalated beyond the means of local Security forces to contain. Emergency Response Teams took two hours to contain the event.

Mx T't'k't would like to extend hir apologies for all upset caused.

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