Challenge #00988-B257: The Power of the Pointer

I have reason to believe that this lizard has acquired artillery. -- Anon Guest

Bullets splashed against the walls, just above their current shelter of a piece of their ship's ablative shielding. "Really?" said Hwell. "What was your first hint?" He flinched against the shower of shrapnel.

"I think it was when Gerih got shot in the leg. All wounds sustained thus far have been non-fatal."

Hwell rolled his eyes. Rhytidops were famously immune to sarcasm. He kept under cover and dug in his pockets. "Shield your eyes, please," he said. "I'm going to try something... human."

At least they understood what that meant. Risky, dangerous, and possibly borderline insane.

But if it worked, it would earn nothing but praise from his shipmates.

He waited until they had their eyes covered before he brought out the laser pointer. Wiggling the little red dot interestingly across the wall.

The lizard shot at it, and he wiggled the dot a little further away. Where the lizard shot it again.

Bit by bit, wriggle by wriggle, he lead the attention of their antagonist away from his friends. And himself. That was the truly important bit.

He was the last to flee the scene, desperately waggling his laser dot behind him as he hightailed it to the ship. Hwell was understandably out of breath as they launched.

"It really works," he panted, "on everything..."

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