Challenge #00941-B210: Idiosyncrasies

The person who asked about the human Oshit reaction witnesses a human watching the YMCA spider video for the first time (and the human is not like one of my best friends, whose reaction is still “Kill it with fire!”)

K’leb’th happened to find a space to sit near an unfamiliar human. Ze was messing around with a palm-sized device and occasionally playing things for hirself.

Ah. This human, much like Cambry, had subscribed to The Daily Meme, a co-operative effort between the Mudoks and the Archivaas to preserve culture.

What fascinated K’leb’th was the fact that this human was giggling over the actions of an arachnid. She tapped for the human’s attention. “My pardon, cogniscent… your species has an aversion to arachnids, yes?”

“Not the cute ones,” said the human. “Listen, it’s dancing to the music,” She put her device’s speakers on.

Indeed, the arachnids featured seemed to dance to the 4/4 beat of the music. Though it didn’t seem to be spelling out Ymca… whatever that was.

K’leb’th would have to find out if this was relevant to her research. Was ‘cuteness’ a factor in common aversions? Was ‘cuteness’ relative? She gave the helpful human a Minute coin and began busily taking notes.

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