For every step forward, there's a stumble back. And a risk of going back to what's familiar, because that's what used to work.

But this is not that.

Followers of my tumblr will notice that I have a new format for pushing my Instants at you. Like all good clickbait, I give you a taste and hope its interesting enough for you to come over and read the rest of it.

I'm still getting used to the Facebook cut-off, but I might get better at it.

But it also means that I have motivation to write longer Instants, so that's a bonus for all my readers.

And in other news, I managed to wake myself up in the wee small by dreaming the sound of someone trying the front door. It was so convincing that I had to check the house's securicams for any evidence.

As you might guess, not a sausage.

I have a track record of dreaming my alarm before it goes off in order to wake myself up. I guess I knew it was a weekend and I don't have an alarm for weekends, so... my brain (pun incoming) thought up something else alarming.

Thanks, brain, but I would really prefer sleeping in for a change.

I have no plans beyond going to go see Kubo and the Two Strings at long firkin last. Beloved is currently too unwell to go. I am clinging to my health by my fingernails and the kids are almost over their dire disease. But fuck the entire world if I can't pay to see Kubo in the cinema because damnit, Laika needs some love.