Catching up

I've cleaned all my vinyl singles and it's looking like there was never a lot of dust in them to begin with. Doing the LP's is going to take longer, because I have to be more careful with them. I've given myself the goal of two per day, there.

I have read through the finished chapters of Rael so I don't have to plough through them en masse when the book is finally done.

I'm just not arting this week. Sorry.

I am trying tea with Actual Cream(tm) in an effort to boost my personal energy levels. It works most of the time, but sometimes, I just need coffee.

Xylitol has definitely been identified as the culprit in my intestinal upset episodes. Looks like I'm back on to Stevia as a sweetener until something else better comes along.

I'm blaming my lifelong allergy to alcohols of every variety. Xylitol, as the 'ol' suffix indicates, is a sugar alcohol, and may be doing things to me because of that.

The creamy tea hasn't worked, this morning. So I may be taking a coffee later on. And my brain is scattershot, so I'm doing a Q&A for Tumblr instead of buckling down and doing the things that needs must be done.

I'm strange, that way. Can't really focus, so I might as well take my time on the things I have to do. I'll reward myself with some gaming when it's all done.

If it's all done in sufficient time.