Busy and cold

I am in the process of kicking off this lurgi. For those interested in my chunks, they are slowly, gradually, getting smaller, paler, and less frequent. Yay, I guess.

Last night's sleep was spotty at best, and frequently interrupted by chunks. The good news out of that was I managed to get a piece for my Wordpress.

I got the whole cleaning day thing, and the usual writing to do. And figuring out something in the order of dinner.

I'm thinking - making a bunch of zoodles with the new spiralizer, and using the leftover ginger garlic chicken soup for a sauce.

I dunno. I'm still sick.

We do need more cream, though. Gonna have to go get some of that.

I think we have a couple of cooked chooks. I could plausibly make a salad. I don't know.

This bug firkin sucks.