Busiest Day

A very comforting Primary Parental's Day to all those who do all the worrying, cleaning, running errands, and wearing themselves to a frazzle in order to drag the next generation (kicking and screaming optional) into the current era.

Today, the family is heading straight to Scenic Coominya to do some reno stuff for Capt S. Some time after we do the election stuff. I suspect I'll be dragged along for the "fun".

All the better to maybe do some ficcing with, I guess.

I managed to record some more stories for Inter-Mission. One good 3AM wake-up is pretty decent for getting five stories in the can. I might try recording fewer than that for the 4AM call or even the 5AM one. Some stories are easier than others. We'll see.

Hell, I can even try recording during the day, when the rest of the family is out. See how it goes.

For now, though, I shall try to pump out an Instant before the sun rises.