Woke up at 4:30 this AM. So that means no time for a recording sesh. Set-up takes a wee smidge more than that and I don't want my next chunk of raw 'footage' [do you even call audio tracks 'footage'? IDK] to be interrupted by the dulcet tones of One Way Ticket by Steam Powered Giraffe. Baller wake-up music though it is, it is not the best interruption for a story.

I might be able to squeeze in a recording sesh after Chaos goes to school, but... it's also a cleaning day and Mayhem is home with The Squits.

I'm encouraging that lad to keep a food diary so we can track down exactly what gives him digestive issues. Because we're all sick of this literal crap.


I gotta focus and I keep watching YouTube fids.

I hate my brain, sometimes. And worse, I owe all'a y'all a Wordpress Wednesday because my brain just farted, last night.


Maybe I didn't want to rave about Cringe "Comedy". Maybe I was burned a little bit out. I dunno.

Just more stuff to do today. Bleh.