Broken Day

Today's the day I take Chaos for a tour of her new school. It happens to take up enough time to dominate the rest of her school day, so she's not going back for like half an hour of alleged education. Especially when she goes non-verbal from excitement.

And it's a broken day for me, because I have to haul arse close to the middle of the day to take Chaos for said tour.

Regardless of whether or not I've finished the daily count of words for my novel in progress.

And that's okay, because I can, have, and will write anywhere and anywhen. Keeping tabs on Miss Chaos is a slight touch of the hassles, and a bit draining and slightly trouble when my meds make me feel slightly sleepy all firkin day.

Good thing I'm used to writing whenever and however.

If I could no longer write... I think my life would be empty.

Which is why it's a little bit worrying that I haven't picked up that other novel in progress for a week or so. I just... haven't been in the mood. And that's a little bit disturbing for me. Concerning. Unnerving.

I usually write in every waking moment, but now... it's full of fog. Sure, I'm more in the here and now than normal, but at what cost? If I can't create... if I can't weave worlds out of words... what am I?

I should stop stressing about it, though. The side project has always been a side project. Besides, I know for a fact that I've been adding a sentence or two here and there and I've hit something of a hump with the prose.

I could easily just doodle about with my plethora of unfinished fanficcery, but I have my worth stuffed into writing two books at once for some reason. Maybe it's because of all the rejection from the agents I've been seeking out. Even though I'm not really depressed because of the serotonin I'm taking every day, I can't help thinking I'm a useless/worthless person who takes up resources and produces little of worth.

I guess some validation would be nice. Preferably in the form of earning some dosh.