Bread Day!

I made starter harvest pancakes and I have one batch of starter growing on the countertop ready to make some firkin multigrain sourdough. YEAH!

I got maybe a half hour before I need to start mixing and whatnot. I shall be measuring some of the important stuff with the house scales after I'm done with the blog.

If you're reading this, there is already bread underway.

Today's nonsense is going to include another episode of Inter-Mission and attempting to refine the backlog into completion. I failed on that this week.

Oh well. If I get a start this week, I should be ahead. I hope.

Since I've caught up on CritRole [took me a while] I have more time for farting about in the evening, so that means I can write today's 1K pretty close to any time I like.

It's about time to start the nonsense. Let's get this bread.