So I just... zonked, yesterday. Passed out. Had a major nap-nap. Whatever you call it, I overdosed on sleep. And the good news is that I needed that.

The bad news is that I was still able to sleep for a majority of the night and my bod is like "more!" Also, I didn't get even one word in on Rael over the weekend.

It's cool. I'll make myself do some today. Monday to Friday are my gotta-work days.

The other bad news is that the cold is getting to my wrists. I need to get into the habit of pouring some MCT into my hot beverages. Either MC-Tea or dosed-up coffee. It's the ketone that keeps on giving. And the fact that I'm having inflammation attacks -however mild but annoying- means that I need to make certain I have enough ketones. MCT is great for that.

And dummins me forgot to put some in my coffee this morning. I'll have to make some MC-Tea later on today.

But for now - I need to get some clothes on.