Challenge #01891-E067: Stop, Children

I can't be the only one who, when consuming media focusing around the notion of "mythology made modern" (taking fantasy creatures and putting them in our time and place like they've always been there), gets kinda tired of the sort of "prejudice is the conflict" thing best described as "black and white gang up on green".

You know, the situation where lazy/bad writers rename "white supremacy" as "human supremacy", heavy-handedly portray the fantasy races with negative human stereotyping (making orcs and goblins the targets seems especially common, usually with orcs being the tusked stand-in for "ghetto black thugs" and goblins having "gangbanger Latino", "Italian mafioso", and/or "greedy coward Jew" traits), and adding a few darker humans into the crowd of mostly-white bigots to look superficially balanced.

There's gotta be some way to break the cycle of this trope. -- Anon Guest

[AN: There is. It's called "thinking things through". Like... how would the modern world develop with multiple intelligent species in it? Answer: it would be unrecognisable]

There are cities just like this one all over the world. Bustling metropolises full of people of all colours, all creeds, and all species. Faeries nest in the eaves of human buildings. Orcs run the sanitation crews. Goblins are everywhere - but since when weren't Goblins everywhere? They're clever and cunning and when allowed to learn, they will. The streets are full of steam and the latests counterculture is taking over an area of the tall buildings, and some of Central Park.

This is the Age of Man, of invention and rockets to the moon, and it is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. At least, it is if you're part of the Summer of Love.

Young Orcs have flocked to it. Because they can achieve love and understanding despite the race riots and segregation. Despite struggling and struggling against their multiracial oppressors. Despite any claims that slavery was 'a hundred years ago'. It wasn't. Some Elves speak out. A species with long lives and longer memories can be a ball in other's courts. If they're on the other side.

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