Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season has hit, I am sure. The sniffles that only plagued me in the bedroom have migrated outwards. The good news is that I am only slightly miserable, as opposed to the last bout of immense misery that had me pondering whether or not to break Keto for my usual cure of juice and ginger ale.

I still have to go out and get some bulk vinegar, and a replacement thing for the window. Because I was a dummins and completely forgot it yesterday. I also have to get money for the cleaners, because the last expedition kind of ruinated my financial situation.

But never fear. I shall have a PIN for my card, soon. And then I can juggle the moneys to my own satisfaction. Solvency is but one piece of snailmail away. Potentially. If I haven't been a complete dummins and ordered the wrong kind of card.

This always happens, every time Beloved sets me off to do a thing they want to do... but without sufficient details.

I also need to discuss the whole Lulu publishing thing for my books. Whether or not extant novels would work, how to get a new ISBN for the print version, and the making of the cover art because cover art sells a book more than any other thing. Unless I get to be a famous author, somehow.

Even then, if I make it that far, I doubt anyone would take Kung Fu Zombies. It's a very weird book. That, and publishers prefer trilogies. KFZ is a stand-alone and I never want to touch that story ever again, thank you very much.

The sniffles have left me tired and disinclined to do anything. I still need to go out and do things despite how drained I feel. If I don't go out, I won't have the stuff to fix the window that might be making me sick in the first place. If I don't go out, I won't have the money to pay the nice people who are helping me out with the mess that might also be making me sick.

But I really want to spend most of today just lying around and keeping my liquids up and intermittently napping.

No such luck for me, though.