We just paddled up to the organic butcher's and got ourselves half a cow. An entire cardboard box of which is full of 500g baggies of mince.

We'll have fun gnawing that lot down to nothing. And in the meantime, we have a lot of steak and chops. And approximately seven kilos of mince. Whoops.

Given that my little darlings and I have put a dent in six kilos of chicken thighs, this past week, I don't think it's that much of a problem.

Besides, I know like a billion and one things to do with mince.

World-building on B'Nar will commence next week. I have to figure out the basic plot. Probably something akin to Outsider-Makes-Good whilst also analysing the culture inherent in B'Nar. Which is, since it's a corporate run nigh-ascention technopunk world, possibly edging onto morally bankrupt. People are interchangeable parts of the greater machine. Children are almost non-existent luxuries for the rich.

It's going to be fun working this one out.

Let's see how well it goes.