Back to what passes for normal

You're all caught up, and my archives are a little skewiff, but every Instant I've written is officially UP on this site. Yay.

It's not in chronological order any more, but whatever. It's UP. And I'm done with that. And I'm sincerely hoping that the return to the old pattern doesn't flakk things up as badly as the transfer to the new pattern did.

But I know me. I like having patterns of behaviour. Going back can be just as jarring as moving forward.

We had an extremely naughty bean feast, last night. Our Unsuitable Food Friday was tres unsuitable. What with a cheesecake, Big Macs, frozen spiders1, and a Magnum Ego for everyone. There is still spray cream. We may save it for next Friday until such time as it's gone.

I'm back up to 73 kilos but GODS it was worth it.

I shall shed that much once more. But only when I resist the evident temptation. I can do it. Hell. I once thought I'd never be below eighty kilos. Hovering around the 71-72 mark is just peachy to me.

And now that I've tried baked cheesecake, I have to say - why? They're dry and have to be overflavoured to combat said dryness and I much prefer the non-baked cheesecake for goopy gooey smack-to-the-middle deliciousness.

Babes in the Woods continues apace. At the cost of literally everything else I am working on. There's still enough segments of New Elfington for my proud patrons to enjoy, though. We should be cool.

I hope.

  1. The beverage. Not anything to do with actual spiders.