Back to Normal... ish?

Beloved goes back to work, so I'm re-entering my goal of hitting 72K by Friday. I know I haven't done shit all about that goal for like two weeks and it also doesn't matter if I can't find beta readers to clean it up for publication.

I have done all the things I should be doing except my 750 words. Which almost defeats the purpose. Whoops.

I will be getting on with that as soon as I'm done with this.

What I'm worried about is not having enough for my normal outputs this week. I have been creating but I've been creating very slowly. Distractions have been high. Output has been low. I can only hope I don't lose audience with the lack before I start catching up. Sigh.

Australia is... less on fire for the most part, but it's still burning. Scomo is still blowing his own trumpet and the Muppet is still doing the same. They're holding the handbasket and taking us all to a very hot place :P I wish I could kick them.

But I can't, so I don't. Boo.