Arguing with doctors

As you know, I have Lurgi (I'm almost over it, now), and I went to see the local GP about that and the fact that I'm on the Ketogenic Diet so that my health is duly monitored.

I mentioned it a few times, but I had positive proof that she wasn't listening to me those three times. Because she actually started paying attention (sort of) when I asked her why she wasn't concerned.

And then I got the confusion.

First, the doctor mistook it for the Body Builder Diet1 aka "low carb, high protien". And once I told her that it was "low carb, high fat (and medium protein)" she got really confused.

The last time I got weighed at the Doctor's office, I was 99 kilos (which, according to my Withings app, was around June, last year) and my drop to 85 is, according to my doctor, alarming.

I wish I thought to show her my Withings graphs in the office. My weight loss on Keto has been the exact same slope as my weight loss on LFHC. Next time, when I am not fugged up with mucous in my head, I will.

She kept chanting, "You eat fat, you get fat," over and over, like she was clinging to this thing she was taught since she was a child.

I tried saying, "Despite obvious evidence to the contrary."

I tried telling her, "Our digestive systems evolved before we had farming. Cave men didn't have bread."

I did have some success by walking her through the logic. "We all know that low-fat, high-carb just does not work. So many people have so many problems with it." Nod, nod, nod. "This diet turns it all upside-down and it has had amazing successes."

"But if you eat fat, you get fat."


So I'm getting my cholesterol checked today. On a fast. And sometime in the middle of January, when I'll be fully keto-adapted, I will do it again. Full lipids. I expect more confusing results for the doctor's office.

I did mention that it's done amazing things for my asthma - at least before the Lurgi hit - and that I've barely needed my medication. She still confused Keto with the deadly BBD and told me I should only do Keto for one year.

Bugger that. I'm doing this for as long as I firkin can.

I also got the Hairy Eyeball of Doom(tm) when I was looking at a printout of my last cholesterol reading, and noted out loud that it wasn't tracking LDL's A and B. One of them (I forget which) is the evil heart-clogger that actually comes out of carbohydrates, and the other is the fluffy, fatty, artery repairman that does good things for our bodies.

So. When my doctor reaches maximum confusion, I'm going to have to gently break it to her that she's been lied to her entire life and I'm living proof of that. And if she wants more data, she should definitely read up on Keto. And try it for herself. Loads of doctors are already on this diet.

...I just wish I could find one locally who won't give me that "you eat fat, you get fat" crap.

  1. Low carb, low fat, loads of protein. AKA: fry your liver during the short time that you live, because you are starving yourself.