Ar En Ar

Having cleared 81K of B'Nar, I got in some good naps and some lovely steak at Hoggies. No surprise, I feel a lot better about my place in this world.

Sometimes, it helps to just... take a nap.

Of course, it's all because anxiety sucks. You get so stressed out that something snaps and the body's like, "F this S" and turns off all the adrenaline so all one is left with is the depression chemicals.

So now instead of being scared about my submission, I'm sad about the inevitability of my rejection.

Hugs help. Snuggle time with Beloved is always a balm on my shattered mind. Wish I could be with them now, but... I got shit to do and plns to go see Alita so I gotta get on with my pro level stuff.

I'm going to try and choose joy. It's hard when I'm in the funk zone, but I gotta try.