The house is starting to look firkin fantastic. The kitchen countertops only need a little bit done, the bathroom's gorgeous. We start our day with the beds being made.

Today, I'm talking with the school dental van about braces for Miss Chaos. Something that's happening in TWENTY MINUTES.


I'm also doing some minor and major futzing to get Chaos' costume done. This is going to include some shopping at Jaycar later on. The dollar shop light I got only does red. Boo. I need green. So now we're making that shiznit from scratch. Fume.

By the time you read this, I'll probably be on my way to rattling around. The goal is cheap and easy, despite having to print and fabricate the entire accessory.

And when I get home, I'll probably be sprainting other accessories, in between working on today's Instant, the book I'm supposed to be writing, aaaaand the book I'm not supposed to be writing, but I'm having immense fun writing anyway.

There's a murder in chapter two and body disposal for pure profit in the next one. That's what kind of book it is.

So I have two minutes left before I take off. Just assume I'm busy as hell and work from there.